Extraordinary Friends

Read the stories of the most unusual animal friendships.

See how animals that you would not think could be friends develop a relationship that no one could break.

Book #1

The Bird and The Iguana

Charlie and Isabella

Charlie is a young blackbird who likes to sit on a fence and watch the goings-on in the world around him. One day he notices something wrestling around in some leaves below. He discovers it’s a little iguana hiding from him. After Charlie convinces the little iguana not to be afraid, the two get to know each other and become the best of friends.

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Book #2

The Cat and the Dolphin

Whoever heard of a cat that likes to swim? Ashton has a Bengal cat who loves to go to the beach. His name is Finnegan or Finn for short. After a chance meeting with a dolphin named Zoey, Ashton is no longer Finnegan’s only friend.

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